Nilla Pierrou’s words about the 2011 release ”Nilla Pierrou & en Stradivarius” produced by Christer Eklund, KB Eklund Musica Verba (Oak Grove CD 2027):

I dedicate these recordings to my beloved mother Sonja Pierrou and the centenary of her work, April 3, 2011. Thanks also to my wonderful pianist through the years, Eugène De Canck, the cellist Roel Dieltiens, partner in the André Gertler Quartet and also my duo-partner in Kodàly and Legley. My warm thanks also to conductors René Defossez and Silveer Van den Broeck and music colleagues Lucia Negro, my sister Eva and Lilian Carlson-Nyqvist. Lat but not least my gratitude to the person who has meant everything to my musical life, André Gertler, without whom all this music with me would not exist.

At these recordings and concerts I play the Stradivarius of 1723 nicknamed ”Ex-Joachim” which Erik Järnåker was kind enough to lend me. Joseph Joachim was teacher of Jenö Hubay, in his turn teacher of Gertler, in his turn… So I feel like the great-grandchild of Joachim, and here I am fortunate enough to play on his fantastic violin.
Nilla Pierrou