Recital CD Oak Grove 2035
Nilla Pierrou was one of the greatest violinists of her generation, but she was sadly neglected by the big companies, and those boxes presented a welcome comprehensive picture of “The Art of Nilla Pierrou”. Now here comes a sequel to the boxes, well-timed to Nilla’s 70th anniversary. Most of the contents is also to be found on the boxes, but in different recordings, and the interplay with Karl Bergemann is truly inspired.
Göran Forsling, MusicWeb International

Nyhet: Recital – Nilla Pierrou & Karl Bergemann

Foto: Per B.Adolphson

Nilla Pierrou för i dag sin läromästares unika metod vidare till nya talanger med André Gertler Violin Academy.

André Gertler Violin Academy

Tillägnan – CD-box

 Foto: Jacob Forsell

Tillägnan (Dedication) CD-box Oak Grove 2034
The third and last box with retrospective material of Nilla Pierrou from mainly,radio archives, proved possibly even more distinctly that Nilla during the last forty years was one of the greatest violinists in the world.
Göran Forsling, MusicWeb International

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Foto: Per B.Adolphson